Main features

High productivity machines

for wrapping of PVC or aluminium profiles

Highly flexible machines

for wrapping of PVC or aluminium profiles

Double-sided profile wrapping machines

Machines for online lamination of PVC profiles

Machines for lamination of panels and windowsills

Wrapping machines for PVC and aluminum represent WPR’s core business. For more than two decades, TAKA-WPR has focused its efforts on researching new technologies for laminating profiles and panels. During these years, it has developed several lines of machinery to meet every wrapping requirement. From high productivity and flexibility to online or two-surface profile wrapping at the same time, TAKA-WPR is sensitive to the needs of the industry and supports its customers in developing customized solutions.

Laminating PVC profiles can be a challenge; there are countless factors to take into account when laminating. Aspects ranging from the correct dosage of primer, to the positioning of the last pressing roller, can make the difference between a top quality result and a reject.

WPR was created with the aim of making the working life of operators in the PVC profile wrapping sector and also for aluminum finishing easier, increasing the profitability of companies and creating new applications.

Every company has specific needs, which is why the WPR laminating machine range is divided into different product lines:

  • High productivity machines for laminating PVC or aluminum profiles: When speed and large batches are important, high productivity machines become the indispensable ally of every production department. WPR counts with a complete range of wrapping systems to meet different requirements related to this concept, from the continuous wrapping of large lotuses to the simultaneous lamination of two sides of the profile (either side or top and bottom), also with the possibility of fully automatic management of application parameters.
  • Highly flexible machines for laminating PVC or aluminum profiles: Agile production is important to satisfy the end customer. Being able to produce small batches quickly and efficiently is key to reducing waste and improving delivery times. WPR offers several machines that allow the wrapping of even a single bar or that allow the operator to change the configuration of the system automatically and in a short time to laminate different geometries or with different decorative foils in a single shift.
  • Two-sided profile wrapping machines: WPR was the first to develop a machine capable of laminating the top and bottom surfaces of a PVC profile simultaneously. Laminating PVC or aluminum profiles on two sides (either side or top and bottom) saves time and resources, reduces delivery times and optimizes the production process. WPR is a pioneer in this technology and continues to invest in its development.
  • Online laminating machines for PVC profiles: One of WPR’s first innovations was the online wrapping machines. Having the possibility of laminating PVC profiles fresh off the extrusion line is a strategic advantage for companies. Avoiding handling costs, optimizing the number of workers on the lines and reducing processing times make these machines highly competitive. Another advantage of this range is that it also allows two-sided profile finishing at the same time.
  • Panel and sill finishing machines: The versatility of the WPR glue heads allows the technology created for profile lamination to be used in the lamination of PVC panels and sills up to 2,200mm, making these systems the ideal solution for flooring and furniture, guaranteeing high strength, realistic finishes with uniform, high quality results.

All WPR machines come with a range of accessories designed to increase performance and simplify operators’ work. From melters to primer systems, from IR lamps to automatic foil splicers, the range of optionals allows wrapping systems to be adapted to every production need.

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