Melters for the application of hot melt adhesives

Although the finishing industry is very diversified, the adhesives most frequently used in profile and panel wrapping are HMPURs. These occur in a solid state at room temperature, which is why they need to be heated in order to melt before application.
RAY-MELTER 200 HIGH FUSION: Fuser with following plate


Fuser with following plate

RAY-MELTER 200 DRUM MELTER: Fuser with following plate


Fuser with following plate

RAY-MELTER POWER DRUM: Hot melter for hotmelt adhesives


Hot melter for hotmelt adhesives

RAY-MELTER TANK MELTER: Tank melter for hotmelt adhesives


Tank melter for hotmelt adhesives

Main features

Designed for lamination of PVC, wood and wood-based panels and profiles

Available in tank melters or drum unloaders

Possibility of continuous processing or downtime management without compromising adhesive properties

With integrated CPU compatible with any wrapping machine, allowing control and monitoring of the main parameters such as glue temperature, foil width, processing speed or weight of adhesive applied per square meter

Easy to clean and maintain

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    The melting of HMPUR adhesives is an indispensable step in order to obtain a high-quality finish. Since the use of Hot Melt PUR adhesives in the finishing of panels and profiles serves not only for glueing, but also as a protective barrier against humidity, vapour or extreme temperatures, it is vital that it is applied correctly.

    The range of WPR melters specially developed for Hot Melt PUR glues is divided into two categories:

    • Tank melters
    • Drum unloaders

    Both types of melters are equipped with a CPU that allows checking certain application parameters such as glue temperature, foil width, monitoring the processing speed or controlling the weight per m2 of glue applied.

    Tank Melters – RAY-MELTER Series

    WPR tank melters have a tank capacity of up to 30Lt. and depending on the version (traditional RAY-MELTER or RAY-MELTER Power Drum) can melt 18 to 25kg of glue per hour.

    They are specifically designed for the application of HOT MELT PUR adhesives for laminating PVC or wood profiles, easy to maintain and with very versatile spare parts as they are interchangeable with WPR glue heads.

    Each version of the WPR tank melters is adapted to specific production needs. With the conventional tank RAY-MELTER, it is possible to work continuously without downtime. Whereas with the RAY-MELTER Power Drum you can interrupt production for up to a couple of days (e.g. over the weekend), without compromising the properties of the HMPUR glue inside, thanks to the protection from air and humidity that prevents cross-linking of the adhesive.


    Drum unloaders – RAY-MELTER Series

    The PUR glue melters with pressure plate have been developed for productions where large quantities of glue are consumed, whether in the lamination of wooden or PVC profiles or the finishing of panels for the furniture or flooring industry.

    One of the great advantages of this type of melter is that it dissolves the glue as required, so the unused HMPUR adhesive remains intact in a solid state within the drum. In addition, their specific double seal design ensures the integrity of the glue by preventing contact with air and humidity. These features make it the ideal melter for production departments that involve downtime, without compromising the adhesive inside.

    Depending on the type of plate installed, WPR pressure plate melters can increase the melting capacity. Starting from the smooth plate and the bedded plate with a melt rate of 35-50 kg/h up to the high melt plate that allows the melting of up to 90 kg/h of adhesive.

    All Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive adhesive melters are available with one or two pumps depending on production requirements.