About us

We are the heart of service, the smile behind every solution. One team, one family, one goal: excellence. From aesthetic beauty to authentic experience: we are the bridge that unites both.

A unique goal

Our Mission

At WPR, we provide innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of the future. Our top priority is to build strong and lasting relationships with our customers, working closely together to understand and meet their unique needs.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive service that goes beyond expectations, offering not only high-quality products and services, but also personalised support to ensure our customers’ success.

Our responsibility to the market and to our customers drives everything we do.

We strive to convey emotion, energy and creativity through everything we do, creating engaging and memorable experiences for our customers.

We offer innovation and cutting-edge technology, constantly developing new solutions that anticipate and exceed market needs. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Sustainability plays a central role. We are committed to doing our part to make the world a better and cleaner place by adopting responsible business practices and reducing our environmental impact.

Finally, we believe in the importance of developing solutions together with our customers. We work hand in hand with them to co-create customised solutions that meet their specific needs and contribute to their long-term success

In short, our mission is to drive change, inspire innovation and create a positive impact in the world by providing products and services that exceed expectations and meet the challenges of the future in a responsible and sustainable manner.


Our Future

At TAKA-WPR we project ourselves into the future with a clear and ambitious vision that embraces the core principles of our business. Our main priority is to create innovative products, solutions and services that anticipate and meet emerging market needs, driving innovation and digitisation in the sectors in which we operate.

We are committed to merging our business with sustainability, addressing environmental and social challenges with responsibility and commitment. We want to become a role model for sustainable excellence, demonstrating that business success can coexist with a positive impact on the planet and society.

The relationship with our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

We listen to our customers’ feedback carefully and actively work to understand their evolving needs, co-creating tailor-made solutions that exceed their expectations and contribute to their success. We aspire to become the standard of excellence in our market, recognised for the quality of our products, the strength of our customer relationships and our commitment to sustainability.

Finally, we are committed to ensuring the corporate well-being of our employees, recognising their value as a key asset to our success. We want to create an inclusive, stimulating and rewarding work environment, where everyone can grow, prosper and contribute to our common goal of realising a corporate vision that is a source of pride for all of us.

We aspire to become the standard of excellence in our market, recognised for the quality of our products, the strength of our customer relationships and our commitment to sustainability.

We want to be seen as leaders in our industry, synonymous with innovation, reliability and social responsibility.

Our history

Founded in 1999 by Mr Remo Baldassin with the idea of implementing wrapping process know-how in the development of technically advanced machines



Mr. Remo Baldassin founds WPR with the idea of implementing wrapping process know-how in the development of technically advanced machines


“Online Wrapping machine”

WPR produces the first inline wrapping machine for PVC profile extrusion


Melter «Clean System»

The “Clean System” is WPR’s patented system for cleaning the HMPUR glue melter automatically.


Automatic primer dosing system

The automatic primer dosing system is presented. It allows you to control the amount of primer applied and reduce consumption.


Profile wrapping with two side heads

The NWD machine allows to wrap two sides simultaneously. The lateral position of the wrapping heads facilitates the operator’s work and quality control.


High-speed upper and lower profile wrapping

The NWUD machine wraps 2 horizontal sides at high speed.


Leaf joining system

The leaf joining system allows decorative leaves to be changed without stopping the production process and without waste.


Automatic set-up technology

WPR presents the automatic set-up system using 3-axis robotic arms.


Push&pull system

It allows the press wheels to be changed quickly through a quick release.


Vacuum application for low VOC primers

It employs a moulded jig according to the profile for precise and even application of the primer.


Taglierina automatica W-Cut

Taglierina per foglie decorative con posizionamento automatico dei coltelli con massima precisione ed eliminazione degli scarti.


LUNA automatic wrapping system

LUNA, the world’s best-selling automatic wrapping machine to date, is born


Evolution of the W-CUT machine

WPR has done a complete make-over to the automatic cutter, making it more compact and even more effective and efficient.


TITANO Semi-automatic wrapping system

TITANO system is fully automated in the profile set-up area.


NWS.200.4500 Single bar

WPR develops a compact machine to produce small batches of up to a single bar with the need for only one operator.


NWE Series

The latest in traditional machines. Simple but reliable and ready for delivery.


LUNA-R automatic wrapping system

Machine with fully automatic set-up and process control



Development of the STRATO series: wrapping machines with manual configuration and fully automatic process control


ROTOR System

High-precision primer dosing system


TAKA Srl acquires WPR Srl and becomes WPR SRL Unipersonale

The process of merging both companies begins