Advanced hot melt technologies
for profile and panel wrapping

WPR, a leading designer and manufacturer of panel and profile wrapping machinery

About us

Profile and panel wrapping machinery for interior and exterior use

WPR is an Italian company with over 20 years of experience in the world of panel wrapping. It is present in more than 25 countries on 5 continents.
From high productivity and flexibility to the ability to wrap profiles on both sides at the same time, WPR pays particular attention to the needs of the industry and supports customers in developing the best solutions

About us

WPR products for every area of application

Wrapping machines for a wide range of materials, such as PVC, aluminium, MDF, wood and chipboard for both indoor and outdoor use

Macchine per rivestimento di profili Macchine per rivestimento di pannelli Taglierine per taglio foglie in bobina Fusori per colle HMPUR Accessori e Upgrade


The merger of TAKA and WPR has resulted in a training centre for professionals of lamination who wish to keep up to date with glues and machinery

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