OL.UD.350.4500: Doube-sided in-line profile lamination machine - top&bottom


Doube-sided in-line profile lamination machine - top&bottom

Length of machine

4.000 - 7.000mm

Maximum foil width

350 - 1350mm


up to 15 m/min

A system for 2-sided horizontal wrapping of PVC profiles with coil decors, directly after profile extrusion. An inventive solution, developed and produced by WPR , it offers an opportunity for all those who extrude plastics and need to wrap in-house. It requires no additional staff, other than dedicated extrusion workers, and has an excellent performance because the lamination is done at ‘extrusion cost’, of course, excluding raw materials. All the technologies for these materials are equipped with automatic priming systems with dosage control.

It has a very small footprint and is very versatile.

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