Foil Slitters

Main features

Specifically designed to cut PVC foils

for window profile wrapping

High precision cutting

of all commercially available foils

Available for 700mm and 1400mm coils

Excellent cutting quality even at high speed

thanks to the knife-counter-knife system

Fast set-up

in both manual and automatic versions

In order to guarantee a quality finish, it is necessary to have all the ingredients available: profile, PUR glue, primer, machine and also the foil. Being able to adapt the width of the decor to the measurements of the geometry to be wrapped is basic to achieve the highest processing standards.

WPR, in addition to being a pioneer in the development of wrapping machines for PVC and aluminium profiles, invests resources to contribute to the evolution of all technological aspects of wrapping. This is why, for more than a decade, it has introduced to the market leaf cutters designed and projected by a team of experts, specifically to cut all the foils available on the market without excluding any supplier or any grade (MX, FX, PX, TP50, TP60).

The WPR cutters, available in two versions: WTG (with a manual setting) and W-CUT (for fully automatic setting and cutting), differ from the others on the market thanks to its stable and robust iron frame to avoid vibrations and guarantee a clean and precise cut.

In addition, brake reels projected exclusively by WPR have been included to guarantee the correct foil tension and avoid stretching of the decoiler or wrong winding of the reel (‘telescopic’ shape). In addition, they have the option of friction shafts to cut reels of different widths at the same time, ensuring the correct tension on each reel.

The WTG and W-CUT decorative foil slitters offer a number of features aimed at facilitating operators’ tasks and contributing to the quality of the coating process. These include the ability to work with different internal reel diameters (3″ or 6″), the knife-to-knife system that guarantees precise cutting at high speed, and fast set-up with technical options that help reduce set-up time even further (such as laser position indicators for blades and cattle).

In addition to having a robust construction, the WPR-developed decor foil cutters have a low maintenance requirement, with all spare parts that may be required always in stock and easily accessible via the customer portal, ordered online and dispatched within 48 hours.

WPR cutters have been the most reliable and best-selling machines in the PVC market for more than 10 years. They guarantee a perfect cut while saving decor thanks to their versatility and accuracy of cutting.

If you would like to know more, we invite you to visit the W-CUT page (to learn more about the fully automatic version) or the WTG page (to learn more about the other features of the manual precision cutter) or fill in the form below. One of our experts will reply to you shortly.