Main features

HMPUR glue melters

with tank and pressing plate

Slot Nozzles

Hot melt support units

Automatic primer dosing systems

Foil unwinders

WPR offers a wide range of components to increase the productivity and performance of wrapping machines for PVC, aluminum, wood and derivative profiles and panels. These elements are ideal not only to increase the quality of the finished product but also to optimize the use of PUR glue, decorative foils, primers and energy.

Keeping wrapping machines in top condition is essential for high quality production to ensure the industry’s high standards. However, over the years, routine maintenance may not be sufficient as certain parts of the system wear and deteriorate. In addition, the effects of technological evolution can lead to component obsolescence.

WPR’s range of Upgrades can optimize the production process not only of its own systems, but also of various wrapping machines for PVC, wood, derivative panels and profiles.

It is not always possible to invest in new wrapping machines, so key elements such as the melter, primer applicator or slot nozzle can make the difference when it comes to reducing waste and more profitable production.

Let us look in detail at the complete range of upgrades created by WPR that you can add to your wood and PVC profile and panel wrapping machines:

  • HMPUR glue melters with tank or pressure plate specially designed for profile and panel finishing, equipped with a management system called CPU capable of controlling the melting temperature, programming the foil width and even the adhesive weight.
  • Variable light glue coating heads available in a wide variety of widths, made of AISI 316 stainless steel with high abrasion resistance and equipped with an exclusive WPR product distribution system called ‘control flow’.
  • Hot Melt support units with a special WPR design that allows housing the glue head, the foil pre-heating and other functions with maximum simplicity, facilitating any adjustment and maintenance operation.
  • Primer applicators with an automated system that guarantees maximum precision and repeatability of the primer dosage, avoiding wastage during application.
  • Foil Unwinder with exclusive WPR brake that guarantees high accuracy at any speed and with different foil widths.

TAKA-WPR’s team of experts, with more than 20 years’ experience in the market, is available to carry out a site survey and make a customized study of your laminating equipment to enhance the production of profiles or panels.

This, thanks to tools to optimize the process, resulting in a reduction of raw materials such as glue, primer or foil and also reducing energy consumption and processing time. If you would like to know more, please visit the sections dedicated to each product or contact one of our consultants by filling in the form below, our technical department will reply to you shortly.