High-precision slot nozzle glue heads

The glue head is the meeting point between two of the main elements of the lamination. The finishing quality of panels and profiles depends primarily on the correct adhesion of the Hot Melt PUR adhesive and the decorative foil. For this, it is necessary to comply with the application parameters regarding glue dosage and temperature.
ELV 350: Slot nozzle for hotmelt adhesives

ELV 350

Slot nozzle for hotmelt adhesives

ELV 2200: Slot nozzle for hotmelt adhesives

ELV 2200

Slot nozzle for hotmelt adhesives

ELV 1350: Slot nozzle for hotmelt adhesives

ELV 1350

Slot nozzle for hotmelt adhesives

Main features

Unique WPR 'Control Flow' system for HMPUR glue distribution

Zero closure of the adhesive head

Sensors for thermoregulation

Special lip treatment

High laminating quality

Fast cleaning

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    Production that does not respect the application principles of profile lamination specifically for the PVC window industry, or the finishing of wood panels and derivatives for the furniture and flooring market, risks compromising the quality of the finished product and incurring non-conformities and rejects.

    WPR’s glue heads are designed to maintain glue temperature. Its special, highly abrasion-resistant lips are equipped with resistors and PT100 sensors that allow the adhesive to be thermoregulated.

    They are available in a wide range of widths from 350mm up to 2,200mm. This versatility allows them to adapt to different production needs ranging from the finishing of PVC, aluminum and wood profiles to the lamination of panels in different materials.

    Another important feature in every gluing head, and present in the WPR range, is the variable light. This has the function of adjusting the lamination width allowing adaptability to different decorative foil sizes.

    As far as maintenance is concerned, WPR glue heads count with a series of features that facilitate cleaning and are aimed at guaranteeing the integrity of the Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive glue inside, such as:

    • Internal spreader opening screws not in contact with the adhesive: As the screws are not in contact with the HMPUR glue, the formation of residue and sediment that cross-links on the threads and could create application problems over time is avoided.
    • Complete closure of the slot nozzle: As is well known, HMPUR glues cross-link with humidity and air; therefore, as long as it is not applied, it is essential to keep the adhesive isolated from these two elements. The ability to completely close the head allows the glue inside to keep its properties without risk when reapplying the glue.