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One of the most important aspects of profile and panel wrapping is glue application.

Profile and panel lamination in the window and furniture industry are usually made with Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive adhesives (HMPUR) which are part of the HOT MELT adhesives family. This kind of glue presents itself as a solid at room temperature and needs special equipment to melt and be applied without compromise its unique characteristics.

The importance of this aspect lies in the fact that HMPUR glues are not only used for their bonding properties, but also because after the curing time, they become a barrier that protects the materials from humidity, vapour, extreme temperatures, and other conditions, enhancing the durability of the final product over time.

To correctly apply the HMPUR Adhesives, the wrapping machine needs to have a series of set-ups and comply with certain parameters that start with the melting of the HOT MELT PUR glue and continue with the application on the foil where dosage and temperature are key. To guarantee the compliance of the correct application parameters of Hot Melt PUR adhesives, is important to understand the technology behind Slot Nozzles and Melters.

WPR’s Melters and Slot Nozzles are designed to fulfil the most demanding conditions of profile and panel lamination for the window and furniture markets.

First, we have WPR’s Melters. They are specially designed for panel and profile lamination, with a management system called CPU that can be completely integrated with the rest of the wrapping machine. The CPU allows the operators to manage the melt temperature, to program the width of the foil and the grammage of the glue in application, and to track the speed of the profile or panel in the lamination machine.

There are two types of WPR Melters: Tank Melters for up to 20kg of glue, and Drum Melters for barrels up to 200kg. Each of them comes with different versions and characteristics to meet any production need the foiling process may have.

The other key element of the glue application in the lamination of profiles and panels are the Slot Nozzles or Glue Heads. Once the HMPUR adhesive is melted, it’s pumped thru the thermoregulated hose to the Slot Nozzle to be applied directly on the foil. This is a critical moment of the wrapping process since an incorrect application of the glue may cause defects as visible glue lines or poor bonding due incorrect temperatures.

WPR’s glue heads are provided with a series of features to guarantee the correct application of the HMPUR adhesive as thermoregulated mouth pieces to maintain the temperature of the glue, sensors to adjust the temperature in case of need, variable clearance to adapt the glue head to different foils and an exclusive control flow system from 350 up to 2.200mm wide.

WPR’s Slot Nozzles (or glue heads) and Melters can help the foiling of PVC or wood profiles and panels for the window and furniture industry to save glue, time and money. If you want to know more about the range of WPR’s melters and glue heads, please click here