W-CUT.700S: Automatic foil cutter


Automatic foil cutter



Discover this high-speed uncoiling foil slitting machine with automatic configuration and cut positioning system. This multiple cutting machine for paper, PVC and CPL in rolls offers the best performance.

Why an automatic foil slitting machine?

One of the big challenges in managing the foil stock is to have the right film, in the right colour and the right width, ready at the right moment when the foiling department needs it for processing. At the same time, it is important not to keep an unnecessarily large number of rolls in stock, this is especially true for slow-moving special films and colours. After all, decorative foils cannot be stored indefinitely and, as a rule, storage capacity is always limited.

An automatic foil slitting system offers the technical solution to this problem because it allows foil rolls to be cut flexibly and in the shortest possible time to the required widths so that they can be processed in profile or panel lamination. Thanks to the automatic set-up process, the cutting and counter blades are precisely positioned on the rotation axis in just 3 minutes. At the same time, a system of laser indicators helps the operator position the roll cores on the take-up axis so that cutting of the decorative foils can begin quickly.

Highly efficient foil slitting

The W-CUT.700S film cutting system achieves a working speed of 150m/min so that the master roll is cut into the individual rolls in just a few minutes. The integrated web edge control corrects any unevenness in the film so that the cutting edges are always straight and precise. This also eliminates the need to trim the edges of the foil, saving valuable foil material. At the same time, an automatic, continuous control of the foil brake in relation to the reel diameter supports the uniform rewinding of the partial rolls. On the one hand, this prevents excessive foil tension, which can lead to foil stretching, micro tears or even breakage, as well as the effect of telescopic rolls, which can be caused by insufficient film tension. The friction winding shafts also allow different film widths to be cut simultaneously without fear of differences in foil tension. It is equipped with 15 pairs of knives, i.e. one parent roll can be cut into 16 different partial rolls in one cutting operation. In short, with the W-CUT.700S automatic foil cutting system, high-quality cutting results can be reliably achieved within a minimum of time.

Occupational safety is a priority

When it comes to cutting systems, occupational safety is a high priority. Therefore, the automatic foil slitter is equipped with various safety systems to guarantee safe operation at all times. The insertion of the foil is taken over by an infeed mechanism so that the operator does not come close to the cutting blades. During the slitting procedure, the safety cage and the rear door must be closed; opening them while the machine is running triggers an immediate machine stop. In addition, the machine is equipped with an automatic cleaning mode that independently cleans the shaft as well as the rotary knives to eliminate unnecessary contact with the knives when cleaning the equipment.

A reliable solution

The W-CUT.700S automatic foil slitter is the best-selling machine of its kind for converting PVC window foils, decorative papers and other plastic films for profile lamination. It delights customers worldwide with its reliability, efficiency and cutting results. Thanks to the material-saving cutting process, the investment pays off in a very short time and offers our customers a high level of competitiveness. The automatic foil slitter is also available in a version for rolls with a maximum width of 1400mm.

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