Wrapping machines for wood-based materials

Main features

Lamination of profiles and panels in various materials

such as MDF, wood and chipboard

Glue heads in various widths

High productivity

High flexibility

WPR offers a line of wrapping machines for profiles and panels in different materials such as MDF, wood and chipboard, guaranteeing perfect finishes that reflect the spirit of Italian design. The wide range of glue heads in various widths allows the systems to adapt to production requirements, making this line the ideal tool for companies operating in the world of decoration and furniture (whether in the primary or tertiary sector).

Since the beginning of time, wood has formed an important part of society, both as a means of covering elementary needs such as heating and shelter, and as an element of comfort and beauty. With the passage of time these needs remain unchanged, what is evolving is the technology to achieve the results.

Wood and its derivatives are found in every part of our daily lives, from furniture doors or skirting boards to furniture or parquet flooring. Every surface in our surroundings could easily be laminated or ennobled.
Ennobling wood, MDF and chipboard is important not only for the aesthetics of the finished product, but also to ensure performance and durability. Making these materials resistant to heat, humidity and vapor becomes indispensable for use in the most common environments such as the kitchen or bathroom, which is why lamination has become an important factor.

WPR’s laminating machines for wood and wood derivatives are the result of years of research and development with the experience gathered together with our customers at their core. Accurate surface lamination and well thought-out pressing form the essence of each machine.

WPR is sensitive to the different needs of laminating wood, MDF or chipboard surfaces, which is why we have developed product lines for each of them:

  • High productivity: ideal for finishing large lotos of profiles and skirting boards in wood and wood derivatives where speed is an important factor.
  • High flexibility: these wood profile wrapping machines, designed to accompany the operator at every stage of the laminating process, are ideal for both large and small lotos, where set-up and tooling changes are constant. They enable high-speed working and allow automatic, fast and efficient set-up changes.
  • Wrapping machines for wood panels: the versatility of the WPR glue heads allow wrapping surfaces up to 2200mm wide, making this line of machines the perfect solution for laminating doors and large surfaces used in the furniture industry.

In addition, all WPR wood and wood-based substrate laminating systems have additional accessories available with different functions, for example:

The Push&Pull system, quick tool changeover and movable shoulders aim to reduce the set-up and configuration time of the system. While additional foil unwinders, the end-of-roll signaling device or the automatic foil splicing unit allow for more agile processing by avoiding machine downtimes.

On the other hand, accessories such as in-feed brushes, side cutters and out-feed foil cutters allow even less experienced operators to achieve optimum finishes, and more advanced systems such as the ‘Control Board’ and ‘Quality System’ allow for integrated supervision of the wrapping process by controlling the most important parameters and providing an integral visualization of the main aspects of the wrapping process.

All wrapping systems for profiles and panels in wood and wood derivatives are customizable and adaptable to each customer’s production requirements. But that’s not all, as part of their commitment to offering complete and integral solutions, TAKA and WPR have also developed, in addition to wrapping and laminating systems for wood profiles and panels also a complete range of HMPUR adhesives that guarantee excellent results over time and for different applications (such as glue heads and roll coater) and also for multiple finishes such as profiles, panels (traditional and post-formed) whether gloss or matt, as well as adhesives for edging.

To find out more about solutions for finishing wood, MDF or chipboard profiles and panels, visit the dedicated sections of our website or fill in the form below with your special requirements. Our team of experts will contact you as soon as possible.