New generation of profile wrapping machines

Main features

New generation of LUNA-R and STRATO wrapping machines

Reduced set-up times

Fully automatic process control

Drastically reduced energy and resource consumption

Enhanced process repeatability

WPR has developed a range of wrapping machines as a result of our customers’ need to have complete supervision of the laminating process, and to be able to offer their operators the tools to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible.

For WPR, the largest space is the space for improvement! That is why it has always tried to fill it by listening carefully to its customers and their needs.
Since our first wrapping machine in 1999, WPR has produced countless installations with one thing in common: they all provided solutions for the customer’s particular needs.

The difficulty of finding skilled labor and the continuous need to achieve higher and higher quality standards led companies to invest in technology and automation.

Over the years, WPR has continued to develop innovation and revolutionary products. We reached a turning point when we realized it was time to change the state of the art. This is how the new generation of LUNA-R and STRATO wrapping machines was born.

Numerous technical features increase productivity and reduce set-up times in combination with a fully automatic process control that guarantees the process security required for high-quality production.

Dramatically reduced energy and resource consumption for sustainable production results in savings that provide a quick return on investment.
Another important feature of these new-generation wrapping machines is the ability to guarantee process repeatability. Having the certainty that each different geometry will be finished according to their particular requirements, regardless of who is operating the machine, and always achieving the same results has become crucial in the wrapping industry.
This is possible thanks to two different functions depending on the type of machine. LUNA-R offers the saving of recipes of each profile and the automatic positioning of the arms while the STRATO series allows the saving of diagrams of each profile with measurements and instructions on how to position the different pressing rollers.

Although they are two different lines of wrapping machines, the STRATO Series forms part of the manual machine group while the LUNA-R is a fully automatic system, both concentrate the industry’s most advanced levels of process supervision with the presence of important automatic controls that are essential for a workmanlike job such as:

  • Detection of ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • Detection of in-tank primer temperature
  • Detection of profile input temperature
  • Temperature control of profile before primer application
  • Control of primer quantity + application control via camera
  • Profile drying control via temperature-controlled hot-air heaters and IR lamps
  • Automatic foil temperature adjustment before glue application
  • Temperature sensing of PVC profile output
  • Automatic control of the amount of glue applied
  • Thermal images at regular intervals with operator confirmation
  • Images at regular intervals of the finished product

All this is available to the operator via a series of screens positioned above the machine that not only show the application parameters in detail, but also offer a complete view of the laminating process without the need to approach the machine, thus increasing safety levels and substantially decreasing the risk of human error.

In addition, LUNA-R and STRATO count with the pioneering “ROTOR” primer dosing system, special servomotor-controlled process pumps regulate the amount of primer to be applied with the highest precision, following the working speed.

The high dosing precision guarantees excellent application while saving primer and energy in the drying phase, thus respecting the environment.
STRATO and LUNA-R are the ideal tools for those who need a controlled and optimized PVC profile finishing process. The reduction of waste and the reduction of primer, glue and foil wastage as well as energy consumption allow a quick return on the initial investment.

If you would like to learn more and know about other functions of the new generation of STRATO and LUNA-R machines, please visit the dedicated sections of our website or fill in the form below, our experts will reply to you shortly.