Machine Length

7.000 - 12.000mm

Max Foil Width

200 mm

Working Speed

fino a 40m/min

Based on the NWA, the NWD was developed to optimize and speed up the wrapping processes.

The ‘NWD’ model machine is suitable for a double-sided vertical lamination of extruded profiles made of PVC, ABS, PS etc. with flex foil, PVC.

Its bonding technology is by means of Hot Melt and Hot Melt Reactive (HMPUR) adhesives and PRIMER application system.

It can be customized with a series of optional extras to increase productivity, such as a foil splice system and automatic cutting. The machine achieves high working speeds and a double output is provided by the double-sided wrapping process.

Benefits WPR

  • Double productivity
  • Glue application directly on the foil
  • More profitability: Uses low glue quantities
  • Excellent aesthetic results: mirror finish and ultra matt
  • Application precision: ideal for high-gloss foil application
  • High quality: Avoids impurities because glue is not in contact with air
  • Higher productivity: Faster cleaning ensures less downtime

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